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case study

Climate and Water Technology Landscape for a GCC government


Review of the global climate and water technology landscape. This included a mapping of the climate-tech and water-tech landscape, an analysis of countries undergoing rapid adoption and R&D for these technologies, and profiles of key drivers in the sector, mainly start-ups, investors, accelerators and think tanks. Particular attention was paid to major funding and investments. 


The water and climate technology sectors were considered as part of a wider ‘clean-tech’ landscape, which has historically experienced volatile investment activity. The Global Clean-Tech list was analyzed alongside different national initiatives focused on this technology, particularly focused on the Abu Dhabi Declaration of Financial Intuitions and the resulting projects. The sector was categorized by its heavy research and development and start-ups were by in large associated with at least one research center or think tank.

Reviewed over 50 global start-ups and projects, incubators and accelerators, investors, research centers and think tanks to create a comprehensive mapping of the global climate and water technology landscape.

The water technology sector was analyzed among four segments: climate adaptive and resilience technology, waste management, reduction of greenhouse gases and other products.  The report profiled the following:

  • 17 distinct start-ups were selected based on their successful impact and analyzed for distinct criteria

  • 8 investment firms focused on water technology were profiled

  • 6 water-tech incubators and accelerators, and

  • 10 water-tech research centers and think tanks

A similar approach was taken into consideration for the global climate technology sector. The sector was segmented into technology focused on the reduction of greenhouse gases, climate adaptive and resilience technology, waste management and other. Overall, the following entities were profiled:

  • 20 start-ups and projects

  • 5 technology incubators and accelerators, and

  • 9 research centers and think tanks


The study analyzed the water technology landscape and climate technology landscape, separately, across c.100 slides in PowerPoint.

project duration

4 weeks

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