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global government innovation reports for a gcc government


Identify and analyze government innovation at all levels of government to benchmark various types of innovation across projects and initiatives, innovation funds, platforms and technology applications. Track the launch of new services and programs, change in government and public-private operating models, and identify new distribution and economic models and government launches of new mediums for marketing. Track government re-organizations and public-private-partnership frameworks that enable innovation and private sector participation. 


Produced a bi-monthly report over a span of 7 months. Each report produced a five-case study analysis on government insights on recently launched (2018 to present) innovative projects, products and partnerships. Research followed a five-step process to capture innovations though multiple channels of communication which included:

  • Idea generation forums and discussion platforms (i.e. studies by leading global think tanks)

  • Strategy discussion and feasibility studies (i.e. white paper submissions and operating strategies)

  • Government program releases and launches (i.e. local to national program initiatives and regional and multi-lateral programs- OCED) 

  • Implementation and monitoring/audits (i.e. analysis which gauge the impact post program launch)

  • Recent news online scan (i.e. news releases in leading global and regional publications such as the MIT Press)


Research covered high income countries, long-term outperformers, recent outperformers and emerging governments dedicated to producing innovative experiments to improve citizen wellbeing, commitment to actively participating in sustainable development, incorporating emerging technologies, AI and big data and achieving economic success. Case studies focused on public welfare, healthcare, education, social services, enabling initiatives and ‘gov-tech’ landscape reviews.


The report was prepared bi-monthly and included a strong gov-tech lens, in which cases profiled included government technological applications and expand on traction gained and success of venture.  

project duration

7 months

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