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case study

Government Restructuring Benchmarking FOR A GCC GOVERNMENT


Conduct a benchmarking exercise to identify the types of government restructuring reforms undertaken by cities around the world. Cost saving measures to be further analyzed included: 

  • Policy, program and efficiency reviews and budgetary reforms

  • Civil service reviews

  • Functional reviews of entities to enhance efficiency

  • Alternative service delivery reviews (e.g. spinning of some functions to the private sector)

  • Technology enabled/integrated service delivery reviews (e.g. one stop shop services)

  • Whole of government reviews (i.e. reducing the size of the government) 


Cost saving initiatives at the local level were classified into three categories: tactical efficiency savings, strategic operational alignment and sustainable cost reduction. Local governments have led hiring freezes, redesigned organizational maps, introduced better utilization/optimization of people processes, technology, procurement and capital assets and implemented technology for cost-cutting strategies.

In the first phase, exhaustive secondary research was conducted to identify cost saving measures using a range of sources. Triggers for cost saving measures were dominated by 4 broad areas:

  • Reduce duplicative efforts and waste

  • Drive quality and value for money in public services

  • Strengthen functional leadership and capabilities for delivery

  • Optimize government structure, scale and operating models

We screened over fifty cases and filtered out cost saving measures not relevant to the project scope and created detailed profiles on significant and successful government attempts to save money in conjunction with impact assessments post implementation.


The analysis determined the following:

  • Details of cost saving measures undertaken

  • How the initiative was implemented and current status

  • Results and traction to date

Sources used included academic studies, events and conferences, private sector innovations and initiatives, local and national press conferences.


The study assessed cost saving measures in local and city governments across 120 slides in PowerPoint.


2 months

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