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The world around us is evolving constantly. Governments and public sector organizations face unprecedented economic, social, political and technological challenges. Disruption is rampant, and is changing the way all sectors operate. To design policies and initiatives for this complex and rapidly changing environment, organizations need instant access to reliable, accurate and timely data and insights.

benchmarking government design

Evaluate government structures and benchmarks across comparable cities and countries 

Identify and profile best in class practices for delivery of services, reorganization, optimization and cost-cutting efficiencies 

global scans and ideation

Global landscape review of local and national programs and projects to identify the latest government initiatives

trends and analysis

Evaluate the latest government trends

Benchmarking against comparable indicators

Identify drivers and improvement areas by analyzing historical trends

review of development programs and initiatives

Review major economic development programs and capacity building initiatives to identify major themes and topics that are most useful and current which leaders need to be aware of

Future of government pathways

Provide comprehensive data on major trends in relation to the future role of government


Analysis of trends and in-depth country-specific case studies


Policy design and research across multiple sectors, including but not limited to migration, sustainability, water and climate change, and United States Sustainable Development goals (SDG's)

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