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case study

Youth Engagement in Sustainability for a leading retail conglomerate in the UAE


Identify and review youth engagement initiatives across the MENA region and analyze Arab youth’s civic engagement on specific sectors within sustainable development. The initiatives focused on action and awareness raising, and concerned the following matters:

  • Climate change

  • Public policy

  • Sustainable development

  • Waste management

  • Water sustainability


Conducted an exhaustive web search by country to identify major initiatives. From this initial web search, 23 of the most effective initiatives were explored and analyzed based on predetermined criteria. We coupled this information with sector trends and news items to provide contextual understandings of successes and failures. Finally, three successful initiatives were selected for a deep dive, exploring the metrics and methodology of their success.

Initiatives were categorized based on the area of interest and analyzed based on a general overview, how the program works and traction to date, along with important considerations such as launch date, funding, and partnerships. From there, initiatives were considered for their usage of technological applications: from leveraging technology to increase reach and online platforms for projects, to the development of mobile apps. Finally, three initiatives were selected for a deep investigation based on their high impact and adept use of technology.

Youth engagement initiatives in the MENA region were found to have achieved limited impact, and out of a categorization of strong, medium or weak, outcomes were identified to be mostly in the medium range. The top initiatives for action and awareness building were selected based on deliverables, which in one case, impacted 15,000 youth.


The study assessed the youth engagement initiatives in the MENA region across 50 slides in PowerPoint.

project duration

4 weeks

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